About SRG

Who are we?

Our goal is to find the best option for a client’s electric and natural gas supply. We work with only the best energy suppliers so our clients get the best price and the best company. We serve customers with one location up to hundreds of locations with 5,000,000 therms natural gas supply our customers save on an average of 11-17% over the Utility Supply charge in the Ameren territory. Savings in the rest of the state of Illinois are very similar. Competition is great for our industry; when suppliers compete for business we can lower the best price possible. Let us use our buying power to save you money and improve your cash flow.

Total Electric: 200,000,000 kWh/annual
Total Natural Gas: 5,000,000 Therms/annual

Our Team

Britney Frontone

Adam Schmidt

Don Frontone

Justin Cheger

Cale West

Companies We Broker With: