Community Bankers Association of Illinois

CSBC Energy Savings Program

The Stone River Group (SRG) is the preferred vendor for the CBSC for energy procurement.  SRG works with several energy suppliers to provide CBAI members the best price possible on their utility supply.  SRG has been working on a program that will allow us to negotiate the best price for all member banks that are involved in the electric savings program. This program involved putting all the banks together into one large buying group so we can use the collective size of all the banks to negotiate lower prices for every member bank.  This process involved having all the member banks have a common end date on their current contracts. Currently this end date is July 2020. SRG is getting ready to renew all 100 banks in the spring of 2020 and we need your help.  


Since we have started this program we have saved member banks over $27,000/annually on their electric supply costs.  SRG has found that grouping banks together has allowed electric suppliers to offer better prices to the group as a whole.  

For this program to work for everyone involved, we are asking for your help.  SRG needs to make sure that we have all the right contact info for the person responsible for executing electric supply contracts.  Also we are offering the option for member banks to give SRG the authority to execute the contract on their behalf. This letter of authorization will only be valid for one day and allow for only this upcoming contract. 


Thank you again for being apart of the CBAI energy savings program and please let us know if you have any further questions.