How We Help Our Customers

At The Stone River Group, we know the importance of electric power when it comes to running a successful business or institution. We also know that utility bills and the cost of electric consumption. On average we save our customers 10% on their Electricity Bill, Click Quote to have one of our experts get you a Free Quote and start saving today!

QUality Relations

With access to all the best retail electricity providers in the country through a single point of contact is one of the greatest benefits we offer. No more dealing with low level sales people who lack the authority to negotiate. When you work with SRG you’ll get direct access to the internal pricing desks where deals get structured and prices are set. Make no mistake, the best pricing you will ever get comes from the pricing desk where we get custom quotes for your business that are not available to the general public.

Competitive Bidding

Professionally executed competitive bidding orchestrated buy a team of experts is crucial. We know exactly how the game is played and how to win on your behalf. Bringing all the top suppliers to the table to compete on a specified day and time is the only way to drive prices down to the bare bones. We’ve got this process down to a science and since we’re a known, high volume broker suppliers know were serious and know that they’ve got to give their best to win.

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